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The Keri Caves

The Blue Caves of Keri


After 50 minutes to one hour of sailing the boat and its passengers arrive at the Blue Caves of Keri situated at the southern most point of Zakynthos. The beautiful turquoise crystal clear waters of the caves makes them truly unique.


Even though they are small, tourists are able to experience the inner beauty of these caves on the ELEANA boat! There is a hidden cave that has an illuminated sea bed due to the reflection of the sun beaming on it and gives the observer an unforgettable experience, especially for those who want to swim within.


The formation of the limestone rocks reaching 200 meters is clearly visible. The side is characterised by steep drops, with the pine trees literally hanging by the edges, making the landscape breathtaking. Two huge rock arches, that the boat sails through and the nearby secluded beaches complete the visit to Keri Caves.



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