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About me...


I was born in Cyprus, qualified as a Captain at the Hydra Marine academy of Greece in 1978 and served in the merchant navy for a number of years. 


I arrived in Zakynthos on a holiday in 1995, staying in Vassilikos for one summer, working on a catamaran cruiser as it toured around the island.  After this experience and learning from the disadvantages of the catamaran and other larger boats, I came up with the idea of the Glass Bottom Boat trip and to provide more personal service and enjoyment to guests of all ages.


With a smaller boat, tourists could access places were larger boats couldn’t, like entering the Blue Caves, stopping at more secluded beaches and seeing the Caretta-Caretta turtles from within touching distance.


I knew what kind of boat was best for the ideas I had, and together with a shipyard in Cyprus, I designed and built the unique Glass Bottom Boat and brought it to Zakynthos in 1996.


Ever since then, I have families who are regular passengers on the boat. This gives me the greatest pleasure and drives me to carry on with the famous Cave and Caretta-Caretta turtle trips. 


The coastline I sail is in the South of the island in Laganas Bay, which is protected from the winds that blow northerly - these are 90% of the summer winds.


All the trips take place in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and I have a special permit given by the Park to me, to operate and observe the Caretta-Caretta turtles in these waters.

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