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Marathonisi, Turtle Island

Marathonisi, also called Turtle Island, due to its shape, is situated in the bay of Laganas. Nature here has been left untouched and gives the visitor the experience of primitive beauty.


A beautiful sandy beach to the northwest of the island allows the Caretta-Caretta sea turtles to nest on it. On the south there are two more accessible caves with a little shingle beach with a sheer cliff side rising up to 100 meters. The island is completely covered in dense vegetation and is inaccessible to anyone. A very little church devoted to Mother Mary is built on the end of the nesting beach, hosting a grand annual celebration that takes place on the 15th of August.


After visiting the caves south of Marathonisi, passengers spend some time on the beach snorkelling, swimming or just relaxing under the golden rays of the sun. ELEANAS passengers are usually the very first visitors on this beach so that allows for ample time to enjoy the serenity of the island.

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